Suppose You Wake Up to Find There’s No Electricity, No Information Grid, and There’s No End in Sight. Will You and Your FAMILY Survive?

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Primitive Weapons You Need as Survivalist

Primitive Weapons You Need as Survivalist

As long as man exists, we need weapons to hunt, defend against predators, and defend against each other. There are different levels of complexity with these weapons, but they all serve a purpose.  If you find yourself in a survival situation, these weapons are indeed...

Basics to Water Purification

Basics to Water Purification

The highest a person can go without body fluids, especially water is three days. It takes three days for a person to die of dehydration. When it comes to a wilderness situation, your ultimate survival is dependent on access to clean water as good water is one of the...

Beginners guide to pickle anything

You can be a forager, a gardener, a dumpster-diver or a savvy shopper, One unbeatable way of making use of surplus produce that would otherwise be thrown away before it can be eaten or squeezed into an icebox is pickling vegetables Pickling not only preserves surplus...